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88                                           FLORA   IND1CA.
vto banish prejudice from the domain of Systematic Botany
as effectually as it has been from some allied sciences, which
have fortunately been most successfully cultivated by many
men of large experience and extensive attainments in collate-
ral branches of knowledge.
B. Necessity of dividing India into proinnces;  and principles
according to whir./* it iff proposed- to he done.
In order to define with accuracy, and at the same time in
an intelligible manner, tlic geographical range of tho indivi-
dual species comprised within our Flora, it is necessary to di-
vide India into botanical provinces. This we have found a
very much more difficult task than might have boon supposed,
partly from the constantly shifting political and other boun-
daries of our dominions and its subdivisions, tind partly from
the necessity of selecting as far as possible such provinces
as are defined by physical features rather than by arbitrary
lines. We have devoted much time to a careful study of all
available information regarding the geography of British India,
having had recourse in every case to original documents, in
preference to the numerous maps on the physical geography
of India published in this country and on the Continent,
which have been compiled from these sources, and which,
however conspicuous for research, are unexceptional!}' ex-
tremely defective, owing to their authors not having that ne-
cessary general acquaintance with the country, which alone
could enable them to classify the thousands of facts tiny have
laboriously collected, and which arc represented with distorted
otFccfc in such maps.
Wo enter npoiKonr task with a lively sense of oar inabi-
lity to meet the requirements of Botany on the one hand,
and of Geography on the other; but it was impenithcly ne-
cessary that we should, before any part of ow Flora ucnt to
press, .iwdt* upon the geographical climioitx to IK* adopted
and Hu <; ."K'laim'o to !;Mai|>lovcfl. M nu<r:  1-1 conjoint